I started Raise The Sparks as my first entry into the world of blogging in 2010. After a few posts it essentially lay dormant. In May 2015 I started another blog entitled wisdomfromtherooms.com which is a collection of the oral wisdom that has evolved in the rooms of AA and its associated fellowships. On a daily basis I chose a slogan from 12 step programs and commented on it. I have derived much personal pleasure from this practice and will continue to do so. In particular, I very much enjoyed communicating with bloggers from all over the world.

Over the past year I realized that I wanted to expand the scope of my writing. I have been experimenting with poetry, memoir, fiction and essays on various topics; with an emphasis on personal transformation. I will now be using raisethesparks as a platform for these writings as well. In fact, this site will be a vehicle for me to write about anything that piques my interest.

Through blogging I have also come across some wonderful pieces of writing by other bloggers. When I find one that I resonate with, I will repost it on this site as well.

I’m actually very exited about reactivating this blog and expanding the scope of it’s content. I look forward to seeing where this next bend in the river will take me



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