According to statistics provided by WordPress, over 409 million people view more than 21.2 billion pages of blogs each month. In 2013 there were over 150 million blogs. So these statistics beg the question; with an astronomically low possibility of someone reaching your blog, someone somehow does so. That is pure magic. What’s also amazes is that people from all over the world reach our blogs.
In my case, in less than a year I’ve had visitors getting to my blogs from the US and Canada; which would be expected given that I live in North America. What is astonishing is that I’ve also had visitors from 34 other countries, some of which I erroneously assumed would not be blog friendly.
All this came about without me doing any type of publicity for either raisethesparks or its sister blog wisdomfromtherooms. So I’m really curious to find out how you ended up getting to this particular post. I’ve entitled this post logbook. Take a moment and let me know in the comments section what your process was to arrive at this point in time onto this page. Once you’ve done so, I’ll come and visit your blog as well.


9 thoughts on “Logbook

  1. Now that’s a good question. It would have either been through a comment section somewhere or you showing up following my blog. That’s the usual route.


  2. Great idea! I was reading another persons blog(processnotevent) and your other blog here on WordPress , “Wisdom From the Rooms” showed up in the “Related Reading”. Clicking on that led me to your “Came For My Drinking; Stayed For My Thinking” post. After reading that, I clicked on your pic/blogname next to the date and was redirected here! There you go! Glad to find you!


  3. I think I initially saw something you wrote on another blog, probably through The Seeds of Life. I liked what I read and proceeded to this blog, where I fell in love with your reflections on 12 step life in the rooms. Thank you!

    Today, I got here through the READER option on my own blog

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